Piotr Szmelcer

3D printing enthusiast, electronics engineer, programmer. I love the challenges of solving various problems – incl. related to the comfort of using the car. Thanks to this, the car accessories offered in our store were created – they are primarily to facilitate the use of your cars. In our company, I deal with the development of new products.

Łukasz Zych

I am a computer scientist and professionally I deal with systems
quality management. A programmer and youtuber.
Administrator of the New Dacia Polska Group. I attach great importance to quality
what we produce and attention to detail. In our company I deals with
marketing. Using our education and experience, we introduce you to
the company has the latest solutions and technologies so that the products available
met the requirements of even the most demanding customers.

Why is it worth buying our products?

At CraVeDRIVE, we focus on product and customer service quality. Our products are designed and manufactured in Poland. We use the latest technologies to meet your expectations. Each product is thoroughly tested before regular sale. When you buy from us, you have the guarantee that the products will fit your car perfectly.